Architects and Engineers

Architectural and Engineering firms are often involved with numerous aspects of building design from site services and landscaping to foundations and structure, to building envelope and interior finishes.

Some firms may have the luxury of having a large staff that can provide expertise in most areas of building design.

For those firms who do not have the staffing levels to keep up with the ever changing technologies, Roof 1 can provide a valuable resource by providing our specific roofing knowledge and experience to your design team.

Design Assist/Review

Your Roof 1 consultant can bring a high level of expertise to your design team by either assisting with the actual selection and design of the roof system or by providing a review of specifications and drawings that have already been produced by your design team.

Field Work

Your Roof 1 consultant can provide data collection of existing conditions including core samples, infrared thermal scanning and electronic moisture detection.

Quality Assurance Observation

Roof 1 can be your eyes and ears on the job site by providing quality assurance observation of work in progress.

Your Roof 1 technician will attend site meetings as required, check all materials for conformance to the specifications and inspect the roof application to ensure that it is being installed as specified.

Your Roof 1 technician will perform a final inspection of the completed work and provide a punch list of any deficiencies to be corrected.


Roof 1 Consultants

Roof 1 Consultants