Professional roofing contractors probably have the toughest job of any of the players in the roofing industry.

An aging workforce, recruitment, safety requirements, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and weather are just a few of the issues that contractors are forced to deal with.

Professional roofing contractors are also constantly battling competition from “low end” contractors.

Professional roofing contractors invest significantly in safety training and equipment, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, applicator recruiting and training, proper tools and equipment and pay fair wages and benefits.

Most of the “low end” contractors don’t incur these costs which allows them to undercut the bids of professional contractors.

Roof 1 requires the use of pre-qualified professional roofing contractors on our projects. We support the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in the USA and the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) in Canada.

Roof 1 can provide these valuable services to professional roofing contractors:

A Fair Bidding Process

We recognize the fact that most roofing contractors would prefer to negotiate a job directly with the client.

However, most clients do not obtain just one quote. This often results in an “apples to oranges” comparison of both the solutions offered and the level of professionalism of the roofing contractors bidding.

By recommending Roof 1 Consultants Ltd. to your client, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be the successful bidder, but we can guarantee that you will be bidding against comparable competition on a tightly controlled specification.

Quality Assurance Observation

Some building owners require that an independent third party observer be hired to inspect the roof application.

This provides an extra level of security for the owner and most contractors report that third party inspection results in less call backs.

Non-Destructive Moisture Detection

Contractors frequently require infrared thermal scanning or electronic moisture testing to confirm the presence or absence of moisture in a roof system.

Failure Investigation

Even the best contractors eventually have a project that is problematic. These problems tend to be complex in nature with multiple contributing factors.

Roof 1 can conduct a forensic investigation of the roof in order to determine the factors contributing to the failure and provide recommendations for remedial action.