Facility Manager Owners

Roof 1 Consultants Ltd. can provide the facility manager/owner with a wide array of services that can result in a service life extension of your roof assets resulting in a lower cost over time as well as reducing interruption of facility operations.

Evaluation of Roof Assets – Benchmarking
The Roof Audit Report establishes the condition of your roof assets and the projected service life at a given point in time. This process can encompass as little as one roof or as much as multiple facilities.

Once existing conditions are benchmarked, an action plan can be formulated that will map out and budget maintenance, repair and replacement requirements over a 5 or 10 year period, enabling an orderly appropriation of funds.

Non-Destructive Moisture Testing
Roof 1 utilizes state of the art infrared and electronic technology to locate areas of moisture contaminated roofing. Early detection of a problem can be the difference between a small localized repair and a major re-roofing expense.

Leak Investigation
Roof 1 technicians can determine the source of leakage and specify the necessary repairs to ensure that the scope of work and repair techniques used are in the best interests of the client.

Defective Roof Investigation
If your roof is not performing the way you think it should, Roof 1 can perform an assessment of the roof system independent from the material manufacturer or the installer to provide you with a unbiased third party opinion.

Bid Packages
When the time arrives that a roof repair or replacement is necessary, Roof 1 can provide roof system design including specifications, drawings and bid documents. Your Roof 1 consultant will conduct the pre-bid meeting, address all enquiries during the bid period, review the bids and make recommendations for award of contract.

Quality Assurance Observation
Once a contract has been awarded, Roof 1 can provide on site Quality Assurance observation of the work in progress.

The Roof 1 technician will check all materials against the specification to ensure compliance.

The Roof 1 technician will confirm that the roof system is being installed as specified with no short cuts taken.

At project completion the Roof 1 technician will perform a final inspection of the completed work. This inspection is independent of and in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty inspection which often does not cover all aspects of the project.

Warranty Compliance Monitoring
Most facility owners/managers don’t realize that roofing system manufacturers often require that documented inspections be carried out on a roof at least once a year and after any major weather event in order for the warranty to remain in force.

Roof 1 can organize your roofing warranties and conduct the required inspection to ensure that your roofing warranties remain in force for their full term.

Preventative Maintenance
The least costly roof problem is one that is “nipped in the bud”. A small problem if left unchecked can progress over a relatively short period of time to a major roof repair or replacement.
Using visual, infrared and electronic techniques, Roof 1 can conduct Preventative Maintenance inspections that can save you money by limiting the cost of repairs and avoiding damage to the building structure, interior and contents as well as avoiding costly interruption of operations.

These inspections should begin immediately after a new roof is installed and be conducted at least annually and preferably semi-annually (spring and fall).

Roof 1 Consultants

Roof 1 Consultants